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mixtape: "BHP 2: NAACP (New Artists Aligning Cultural People)" (2015)

Intro lyrics - Cyhi The Prynce ("BHP 2: NAACP (New Artists Aligning Cultural People)" Version)

I heard some niggas thinkin' 'bout attackin' me
I keep some cats with me that turn to killers for your majesty
Semi-automatic let a nigga have it
Like he asked to borrow it and he ain't ever give it back to me
The audacity, I pull out like a cavity
Since a snaggle teeth little boy full of agony
Like the slave owner's gun, I'm a masterpiece
I treat my shotty like a boom box, it's full of batteries
It's blasphemy to stand here and rap about my salary
This is for the workin' class people at them factories
Stone Mountain, nigga, IVY State is my academy
And I used to go to church up the street from McAfee
But I swear the street life'll captivate a nigga
Have you weighin' work on your calculator, nigga
I swear I have so many yellow bitches
If you put 'em in a room, look like the Packers played the Steelers
Y'all hate a nigga more than what these crackers hate a nigga
Y'all just lookin' for the perfect time to 'sassinate a nigga
Meet me in the jungle, better have an alligator with you
If it's cow then this.40 Cal'll calibrate a nigga, huh
Speedin' through the night like it's Talladega, nigga
Thousand pounds of mid came in on a tractor trailer
With a duffle bag full of money cause you gotta pay the dealer
I've done seen it all and I ain't have to touch a milli
Gram of the yams, goin' ham on the cameras
Say that I'm the realest, I just say I am what I am
Flow like water, give a damn 'bout a dam
If I see them cops, nigga, like Cam I'm a scram
Cause you wanna get peanut butter and jam when you're jammed
Section 8 and some food stamps for your fam
You can't study for this test, you can't cheat on life exams
When you good with the sheep, ain't no need to buy a Lamb

Master P lyrics - Cyhi The Prynce

Hustler, baller, gangster, cap-pealer
Who I be, your neighborhood drug dealer

[Verse 1:]
Mr. Redan, better known as the weed man
55 over pecan, silver split cost you three grand
Life dealt me a weak hand, so I had to get this paper
Like the Indiana Pacers, nigga I had to freelance
See more Saturdays than the weekend
Made a living off touching them circles, look like I'm DJing
Like KRS One, they say I burned too many bridges, shit
I don't see anybody tryna book and see Shan
See when, I go jumping off the deep end
Shallow minded adults can't paddle through what I'm speaking
Music saved my life, this ain't just a hobby
My partners grew up doing 187-robberies
At 15, I was taking bread to poppy
Caught so many flights, Delta send the feds to watch me
Only me real niggas understand, I been seen 100 grand
Cause my OG was a


[Verse 2:]
Publicist for gangsters, was hustling when Wanksta
First came out but I wasn't fucking with no strangers
Just my rich homie, young, thugging with the banger
Only brought my 38 cause he had 30 in the chamber
Went from teachers calling, your mama coming to spank you
Now it's house arrest, monitors on your ankle
My people say I think I'm too grown
Sold an ounce at the bus stop, that's a school zone
Fool gone, saying that I ain't street cause I moved on
Boost phone chirping, Cadillac with the roof gone
Two tone nigga tryna jet, get a tombstone
Just a bunch of hoodlums, trap looking like a group home
I learned how to wrap the pack and Grey Poupon
Cause the scent was way too strong
Back when bread got caught and got too long
Shit, we thought it was cool to be a

Hustler, baller, gangster, cap-pealer
Don't make me break you off somethin'

[Verse 3:]
Let me set this shit straight, let me lay down the rules
(Rule 1) You can't hustle if you ain't got the tools
(Rule 2) No gun play around playgrounds or schools
This shit deep, you can't swim, nigga stay out the pool
(Rule 3) Y'all gon kill each other, just make sure it stay off the news
Pull your K out, leave him laid out, how it play out is cool
It's over yay I assume, so they had to break out the broom
Street sweepers turn your hood to a stage off of doom
I understand sometimes they got to do what they got to do
(Rule 4) But just make sure you on the Greyhound, boy by late afternoon
(Rule 5) Don't take a lick before you take out your food
Meaning, before you pull up out back you need to stake out your move
(Rule 6) Hit in the head, the body fall, Junior Seau out your crew
(Rule 7) If you tryna avoid the feds, nigga stay out the loot
My homie ughh got the wop, my partner awwe got the whoop
(Rule 8) Meaning stay out folk's business if they ain't talking to you
If you tryna be a...


Weak People lyrics - Cyhi The Prynce

[Intro - Rev. James David Manning:]
I think often times when people hear me and see me they think that I am a fool. They think that somehow or another that I've lost my mind. That I am not down with the in-crowd. They've said that nobody would love me that I am an outcast, but let me say this hear now we can be clear about anything please let me be clear about this. I pray that it is received and understood. I don't want to be one of you, I don't want to be one of you weak men weak people. I would rather die, death is welcomed, rather then to call myself you spineless black men
(This for my brother, Kendrick Lamar)

[Verse 1 - Cyhi:]
Yeah CyHi, I ain't your traditional, rapper smokin' medicinal
Stayed in detention, life is all about principals
Cynical ass niggas, sorry that I offended you
I bring something different while niggas sounding identical
I'd rather drown in a swimming pool then to let you imbeciles stop me from topping my pinnacle
Try me Glock by the genitals
Trust me it's not intentional it's a difference between a gangster and a criminal
Cause real gansters can't do breakfast club interviews
A lot of you niggas don't own a business suits but slave for every Michael Jordan tennis shoes
But any who got your bitch walking around like she Winnie Pooh
With no bottoms on just the top of her swimming suit
What you gonna say when them niggas gonna try get at you
Them and what army or are you just talking in general?
Cause in the end we all going to die like them Seminoles nigga

These niggas weak
I'm fucking up these niggas week
These niggas weak
I'm fucking up these niggas week

[Interlude - Rev. James David Manning:]
I look at the sorry state of black men in America today, the destruction of the family, the lost of integrate. When as a young boy black shot down everyday for years without stopping When I look at what we are as black people I'd rather be dead then to continue to live against such injustice

[Verse 2 - Cyhi:]
Ya'll ain't trying to start a revolution, ya'll looking for a restitution
Niggas kill each other every day and ain't no evolution
My partner shot a 100 niggas and it was never proven
We just labeled him a gangster and kept it moving
Let me give you the same outcome, separate shooting
A white man kill a black we holla persecution
So instead of lootin' it's time to find some better schoolin'
You can act like ya'll don't understand what I'm elocuting'
Did I st-st-stutter, I was never Ruben
Y'all ain't no Black Panthers, you wasn't there with Newton
You ain't marched with Martin tryin' to better humans
Instead of all these rappers we need some better students
It's time to rebuild the neighborhoods that we help to ruin
And the NAACP y'all need some help recruiting
Fuck a resolution, let's get some retribution
I feel like Malcolm X when he left the movement


Yea y'all know what it is, yea I said it nigga
All you niggas laying up with these bitches with no condoms and shit
Having mistake babies and shit, leaving these women to motherfucking raise you kids by they motherfucking self
Yea my nigga I said it
You don't like what's going on in motherfucking America leave this motherfucker
When they said we were free my nigga that mean we were free to go back where the fuck we came from my nigga
Yea there's a whole motherfucking continent that belong to us nigga
It's called Africa motherfucker, what the fuck is y'all talking about?
Y'all aren't trying to start no revolution
Y'all motherfucking spent ten bands on the motherfucking section in the motherfucking club
Tens bands build a motherfucking home in a motherfucking neighborhood in Nigeria, Nigga/Niger?
Get the fuck out of here

Get Money lyrics - Cyhi The Prynce

Isn't it ironic, all you wanna do is smoke chronic

You better get up, get out and get money
Get money, get money
Get money, get money
Get money, get money
Could spend your whole life tryna get high
Get high, get high
Get high, get high
Get high, get high
If ain't nothin' else you get from it
Get from it, get from it
Get from it, get from it
Get from it, get from it
Could spend your whole life tryna get by
Get by, get by
Get by, get by
Get by, get by

[Verse 1:]
This for the niggas that be lookin' for a handout
Yeah he used to be a standout
Now he ain't got a pot to piss in
Prolly cause his plans didn't pan out
The type of nigga, if he see your weed layin' on the table
He'll prolly take a gram out
And they're always tal'm 'bout
How they own the hood, nigga this is Uncle Sam's house
Man, all they do is shoot dice
He already got two strikes
Flex a nigga for like two pints
Mixed it with the Mountain Dew, he don't do Sprite
"They say young nigga, man you're too bright
Are you ever gonna do right?
Before I do 20 years
I'll work a 9 to 5, sit back and have a cool life
Ah I get it, y'all don't think it's cool to have a job
Fuck what these rap niggas tal'm 'bout
Ain't nothin' cool about the mob
My nigga Trey robbed a Mexican
Now the cartel shootin' at his car
All for a necklace
And a couple pair of shoes at the mall
Smokin' all your weed up
Fuckin' up your re-up
Mad cause the girl that I'm with
Got a 43 butt and a B cup
Boy you're still stayin' at your mama's house
You won't even help your mama out
Now you're at your baby mama's crib
And she even got you sleepin' on the couch


[Verse 2:]
Niggas in the pen fuck with me
Cause I'm tryna keep their sons out of prison
Grew up with some real hitmen
That'd put James Bond out of business
Pullin' wisdom out my gums like a dentist
Same joint, on a mission, kept a gun in detention
I was run to my decisions
That I made when I was young cause my dumb intuitions now
It's become an epidemic
Every young white supremacist and they come with no witness now
It's your own homeboy
Snitchin' in his deposition so the judge cut his sentence down
You've been gone for a minute now
Shit, where's all the women now?
It's funny how y'all didn't work out
Suddenly she all into bitches now
Shawty it was all good
When he was buyin' all the red bottoms
But truth be told
You the reason why the Feds got him
To take care of your little spoiled ass
Before the shots you was sorta bad
You couldn't even afford a bag
Before the cash he was lower class
You ask him for a stack, he give you more than that
Makin' plays, runnin' routes for the quarterback
All in Virginia with the Georgia tags
Somethin' like Russell Simmons and Kimora had
Thought it was real but it was monetary
Won't even put no money on his commissary
If your homegirl a ho, you an honorary
Waitin' on allowance from a nigga, broke bitch


Forever lyrics - Cyhi The Prynce

[Intro - Jodeci:]
You and I will never fall apart
You and I, we knew that from the start, baby, baby
The day, we fell so far in love
Now our baby is born, healthy and strong
Now my dreams are reality
Forever, forever, forever
Forever, forever, forever
Forever, forever, forever

[Verse 1 - CyHi The Prynce:]
Boy I'm tryna be great, forever
Got so many sheep, they wanna slay the shepherd
Can't wait to catch it, cause instead of hate
They'd rather see your mama cryin' at the wake, forever
.38 on the dresser, however, you couldn't take the pressure
Of bein' Kanye's successor
Told my girl, "Let's make an effort to stay together"
Like JP Morgan we gon' chase the cheddar
Girl I ain't a cheapskate, this your sweepstakes
We gon' order cheesecake, eat steak, forever
Take off from the Peach State, just for keepsake, camera in the briefcase
Replay this day, forever, we straight forever
If we have to go to Heaven tonight we'll have a VIP pass
And they'll be standin' outside them gates forever
If you get a Benz then it comes with the leather
One day I'm a reign cause I'm under the weather
Get under umbrellas, cause when them choppas get to bustin'
Sound like you standin' under propellers
Pay the bum and they bail us, guess we ain't as dumb as they tell us
I'm a king like the son of Coretta
But y'all don't hear me like a gun in the desert
I do this for the niggas in the slums and the ghettos
Who never went to prom cause our mom wouldn't let us
Got kicked out the house so young, I was reckless
Tryna run with the fellas, hand shakin' like a pom pom
The first time I pump-pumped a Baretta
4 Psalms verse 7, God put planets in my heart
Not malice in my heart but y'all don't make it fun for the reverend
But when I was one, I knew I was the one, I'm 11

[Hook - CyHi The Prynce (Jodeci):]
Boy I've been the shit for like...
(Forever, forever, forever)
Yesterday I ran into a hater
And asked him how long he gon' hate
And the nigga told me
(Forever, forever, forever)
So I'm a keep countin' this paper
My partner came home last week
Seemed like he'd been locked up...
(Forever, forever, forever)
Girl I hope the pussy get wet when you sleep
I'm Keith Sweat in the sheets
I'm a make it last
(Forever, forever, forever)
I'm a make it last

[Interlude - Keith Sweat (CyHI The Prynce):]
Make it last forever, and ever
(Damn you sexy)
Make it last forever, and ever
(You make a nigga wanna take you home, nah mean? Let me get back to this though)

[Verse 2 - CyHi The Prynce:]
Sometimes I sit back and think 'bout
Young nigga sittin' on the green box
Seen cops, we would run from the scene
'Bout 20 minutes later we was at the green spot
It was sorta like Jack and the Beanstalk
Met an old man with a clean watch
He fronted me a whole pound of mid
Cause my partner had the cream rocks and he had the lean locked
Green Glock like the ones the Marines got
In the Bible better known as a slingshot
My sister asked me: "Why you always rap about your gun?
Do you know how many niggas I done seen shot?"
Yeah I know it kinda give you somethin' to think 'bout
That's why I smoke 'til I get the pinkeye
It keep my self esteem high
I remember back in the day I used to think I had a mean pops
He said, "You can have anything you dream 'bout"
I want the house with the mezzanine box
So I'm sellin' what the fiends buy, fuck sellin' bean pies
Tryna stack them green guys, talkin' Yao Ming high
Now I'm sendin' green dots
You know you the man when they bring SWAT
What's good of bein' rich when your team not?
I know some real street niggas who don't think stop
So talkin' shit'll get you seen by
Swing by your house with them things out
Treat you like you're havin' a divorce with your wife
We gon' take everything but the kitchen sink out, nigga
While I'm somewhere eatin' at a Wing Stop
With a bad bitch who got some mean top
50 round drum, when it ring out you gon' think it lasted...


TV lyrics - Cyhi The Prynce

[Verse 1:]
Girl you looking at an East Atlanta
Nigga with some decent manners
But in the sheets, I'm a beast to handle
I'm talking sex in the living room, looking at repeats of Scandal
Drinking Remy, watching Martin, come and be my Tisha Campbell
First we gon need the camera, hope you didn't bring pajamas
It's hard to sit calm when you're wetter than the English Channel
Like the HBO show, I'm a make you sing soprano
Never been a family guy, but ever son needs his Sanford
So if we get married with children just know I'm ready and willing
Tell Peggy I'm feeling like it's a different world
Since we were freshmen at Hillman
Let's make some home improvements, I'm talking 80 [?]
I need a bitch with an ass, and some hair that's Brazilian
Not the type to get mad or jealous with the rest of the women
Them black bottles is coming, Prince of Bel-Air's in the building
I'm going home with Topanga, what an incredible feeling

We having sex with the TV on [x4]

[Verse 2:]
They say if you watch CNN and SportsCenter
While you having sex you're more likely to put a boy in her
Who would you rather fuck than a future Grammy award winner
Spend your Christmas on an island, you gon have a short winter
But all you watch is VH1 and BET
Fuck a reality show, it's already hard enough being me
But in the B E D, you the bomb baby, TNT
Brain so good she helped a nigga get a GED
[?], I know you're tired of living single
So fuck with me baby, I'll put a ring on every finger
In relationships I seen it all, I feel like Jerry Springer
Or like Steve Harvey the first time he met Regina
So, let's make our Saturday night live
Everybody hates Cris, so we order white wine
And we all yell cheers, after that get your coat
So we can go somewhere remote, different strokes for different folks


[Sample - Stevie Wonder:]
I don't know why I love you
I don't know why I love you
I don't know why I love you, but I love you

[Verse 3:]
I thought this was love at first sight
Even though we fucked on the first night
But I was so naive so I
Thought I'd write you this song before I leave
You was young and I thought that I could change you
I ain't from New England but I thought that I could main you
I'm thankful that we broke up cause it was painful
Like kids on my taxes, I thought that I could claim you
And you walked around like you Mama's little angel

One Woman Man lyrics - Cyhi The Prynce

[Verse 1:]
Yeah, story of my life
First of all, I turned down more pussy than y'all ever had
Rachet bitches threw it at me but I never smashed
I was fucking strippers now that shit is just a fad
But I knew that running round with them would never last
I even had a Benz, 500, leather black
But she left me for a richer nigga with a better class
Now I'm just out here tryna be a better dad
For my future kids that I'll probably never have
Cause they mama's usually tripping bout them bitches you be whit in
When they want to get you back they try to use your children
When did being baby daddy become a new position?
Can't see my kids growing up without my supervision
My son gone cut the grass, my daughter gone do the dishes
My wife is in the kitchen, I guess I'm just superstitious
So if I married you, I married you
And I promise that I would never embarrass you
And when you fall I got your back like a parachute
Cause you know it's more to life than just a pair of shoes
You deserve Anna Winter and a parachute
With a baller that let you hoop like Sheryl Swoopes
But until I find that lady I be in this new Mercedes
With a pretty little flower, I guess I'm driving Miss Daisy
And to all the future women that date me
Don't try to change the principles that made me

This one woman man
I'm the type to put a diamond on your hand
I'm a one woman man
Turn you to a soccer mom, put the kids in the van
Just a one woman man
Honeymoon overseas to Japan
Cause I'm a one woman man
Cause I'm the type to introduce the beach to the sand
I'm a one woman man

[Verse 2:]
Yo, if I was locked up on Rice street would you write me?
The feds want to indict me, would you kite me?
Bust your head till the white meat for my wifey
She never fight me bout who like me on IG
But feisty, nightly shawty politely tight me
Can you come over and pipe me?
I might be there in 30 minutes
Sex was so good, the people cross the street heard me in it
Whoever said fairytales don't have a perfect ending
Not only do divorces hurt the heart, it hurt the business
I just want a chick for hanging with like Gina [?]
I'm the type to see your car and leave a C note in your window
Turn your closet into Louisville, I'll be your Rick Pitino
Then knock the pussy out like Deebo playing Cena
At the casino out in Reno
Sipping pino, playing [?]
Thinking bout my future
I'm groomed in all white, and the bride in fuchsia
On the honeymoon doing kinky karma sutra
If I don't put a beanie on medula
We gon have a little meanie-meanie on the scooter
I just want to keep you near me like [?]
Baby don't let these niggas fool ya
Congratulations to ya, you just found a


Believe lyrics - Cyhi The Prynce

[Verse 1:]
I just want to be a legend before I D I E
Niggas say they want to smoke me like the tree I chief
In my C I G, like B I G
Your own people hate you more than the P I G's
Throwing money in the club, screaming T I G
Made ten bands on the G I G
What you tryna do shawty I done D I D
I'm just doing this rap shit to try and feed my niece
Fair east side, where I reside
My niggas butchers cause it's hard to let the beef slide
Grew up in the church but don't think that I ain't street wise
End up in the trunk with your hands and your feet tied
Speak my mind, I was never one of those meek guys
Been a leader since knee high
All the freaks used to treat me like a Greek God
Had a chick at Dunwoody, bad bitch at Creekside

If you don't believe
I was the coolest nigga on my street
If you don't believe
You can ask all the hustlers, you can ask the freaks
If you don't believe
If you don't believe
You never know what you can achieve

[Verse 2:]
All I need is hope, but I never got a scholarship
All I ever got was a pistol and some hollow tips
Huh, a few pounds and a lot of whips
Could've sold dope but that wasn't my prerogative
I was more positive, tryna stay out of jail
Wild little niggas, oh we gave the cops hell
Rides [?] Scotsdale, I was making pot sales
Killed the fruit on my like cocktails
I do this for my nigga Greg cause he never got bailed
Real goon put a hot shell in your [?]
No joke, I ain't Jerry Seinfeld
The only reason I ain't in the street is cause I rhyme well
I just want a chariot and two Clydesdales [?]
And an outfit from YSL
Tryna do something that most people that try failed
But you never make it if you


[Outro - MLK:]
I come here tonight and plead with you. Believe in yourself and believe that you're somebody. As I said to a group last night, nobody else can do this for us! No document can do this for us. No Lincolnian Emancipation Proclamation can do this for us. No Kennesonian or Johnsonian Civil Rights Bill can do this for us. If the Negro is to be free, he must move down into the inner resources of his own soul and sign with a pen and ink of self-assertive manhood, his own Emancipation Proclamation!

What We Have lyrics - Cyhi The Prynce

[Hook - LTD:]
What we have, never felt
Never felt
Never felt
Never felt
What we have, never felt
Have never felt
Have never felt
What we have is much more than they can see

Teamwork make the dream work
A lot of you niggas ain't ever seen work
I was sellin' kush before you niggas ever seen purp
Back when Meech had 17 for a clean shirt
Growin' up I used to sing in church
Before my homies start fightin' I would try to intervene first
A lot of people try to bring dirt, but
(What we have is much more than they can see)
If every nigga in your clique is rich, your clique is rugged
Can't be fallin' out over hoes, all these bitches fuckin'
For a dollar, it hurts but they're like rental cars
They build enterprises off the ballers with the biggest budget
My OG had them things whiter than Mr. Hudson
He lost 20 bricks to the police like it was nothin'
He said, "I ain't your average nigga hustlin'"
(What we have is much more than they can see)
Get 'em in by the truckload
That's why it's hard for me to trust folks
Cause they're cutthroat, he said at sixteen
I was worth a mil', lil' nigga if you must know
But keep that on the hush though
And don't be the club makin' it rain on these slut hoes
I said, "Why? ", he said, "What we..."
(What we have is much more than they can see)
So shoutout to the niggas that I hustle with
On the phone, I swear they'll never call you by your government
We hold a covenant from back when I was thuggin' it
Out there in the trap tryna pay my mother's rent
One day the SWAT kicked in the door and found some supplements
But for some reason, the police let us flush the shit
We was trippin cause...
(What we have is much more than they can see)
But I still got expedited for some chargers down in Soperton
Cause I had a girl who went to school at Georgia Southern then
Never laid up so she knew that I was smugglin'
And back then I had a.22 that I was cuddlin'
But even though we're not together
Don't let them hoes get to you, they sour like amaretto
Cause me and you know that
(What we have is much more than they can see)
I love you, shawty

Everyday People lyrics - Cyhi The Prynce (feat. Alanna)

[Intro - CyHi The Prynce:]
Beautiful people, I want to thank y'all for coming out tonight. Yes, yes, yes, clap your hands with me one time. Hey! Hey! CyHi!

[Verse 1 - CyHi The Prynce:]
Smooth rider, coupe driver
Before that, me and my nigga would do martyr
Steal cars for Slim Jims and screwdrivers
Learned more from the streets then the schools taught us
True scholars, new chopper
Oh you're layin' on the ground, Mufasa
It's an eerie feelin' when they try to 2Pac yah
Laying in the bed and don't know who shot yah
For a few dollars, Robin Jeans with some new Pradas
Put these diamonds on my neck cause my daddy was blue collar
Lower class school, I sorta passed
We all failed history but swear we know our math
When I was in England I felt like a grimy little boy
Cause I never thought I would go to Bath
And that's a line that some y'all are never gonna grasp
But I can't wait to go back with my better half, cause

[Pre-Hook - Alanna:]
We all was left to die
So you can't be scared to fly
You don't how far you go
If you never try
So can I testify?
What we stressin' 'bout?
The white man said we all was equal
But that was just a lie

[Hook - Alanna:]
Cause I am everyday people
I am everyday people
And everyday people

[Verse 2 - CyHi The Prynce:]
This for the workin' class
So gon' with your twerkin' ass
The type to sell your soul for a Birkin Bag
Cause if it wasn't for the club you was workin' at
You wouldn't be no different from the lady at the burger shack
Our neighborhoods is where the young boys get murdered at
Boost Mobile chirpin' back, locked up for servin' crack
Lookin' for a purse to snatch, our first attack was right up the street
From where the church was at, I know y'all didn't interpret that
So I had to stop by to give the church some cash
And if I see a pretty lady walkin' I'm reversin' back
And all my partners need a purple patch
Buryin' a friend, it don't get no worse then that
Black babies get arrested before they even develop
Put us in a cage, I swear that shit is a set up
But I'm just out here tryna keep it together
Pay a few bills, go get somethin' to eat with the fellas cause

[Hook - Alanna]

To Be Real lyrics - Cyhi The Prynce

Y'all niggas don't know how

[Verse 1:]
These haters wanna impede my grind before I reach my prime
It's like I turned my face upside down, I'm a speak my mind
What I look like beefing with you niggas? I don't even like swine
And these rappers remind me of Siegfried & Roy, cause you niggas like lying
So truthfully I don't fuck with y'all
I ain't tryna hit the club with y'all
Shit I even had to cut my cousin off
Cause in the streets it's no love involved
Won't hang with niggas, don't trust the broad
And I don't like police
So my wife gotta be a only child
Cause I don't even wanna have a brother-in-law
I'm too real for these fake folks
Y'all the wolves in sheep clothing
So I guess that makes me the scapegoat
Like a screen door, you niggas stay broke
From what the ho's say I ain't Cuervo
For the Pesos we can go to war
Like the Union soldiers in the gray coats
My latest show at the Masquerade was the only time I sold out
I can't hear you haters talkin' cause this weed we smoking is so loud
These rap niggas go no style
All they talk about is a dope house
Poor child, you don't even know how to be real

Damn bruh just be yourself man
You ain't gotta rap like these nigga
These nigga flossin' and flawging anyway
It's cool to be you cause
Fuck these niggas
You feel me

[Hook x2:]
These niggas don't know how
These niggas don't know how to be real
These haters don't know how
These haters don't know how I feel

[Verse 2:]
A lot of local niggas don't like me
I be somewhere out of town on 'em
Treat haters like trampolines
When I seem 'em I bounce on 'em
I don't smile in peoples face
And when they leave talk down on 'em
And if your so called friend was your fingers
You still couldn't count on 'em
Rather be broke being myself
Than to be rich being somebody else
Did it on my own, didn't nobody help
Only God knows all the Os I done dealt
Make a bad bitch put her nose by my belt
Call me pool table, all the hoes I done felt
Walked in the house, all the dope I done smelt
I swear I done seen so much coke I could belch on the road to wealth
See people cheat the game
I just want the money, I don't need the fame
So we already talking 'bout money
You can keep your two cents shawty, we don't need the change
Homie you ain't gotta be a street nigga
If you wanna come around me and hang
The only thing I require from you is loyalty and you got to be real

For real shawty, only real niggas around me
We keep in one hunnid over here
Better yet one thousand
A lot of y'all don't know how to do that though

[Hook x2]

Y'all niggas don't know how [x15]

mixtape: "Black Hystori Project" (2014)

Prelude lyrics - Cyhi The Prynce (from "Black Hystori Project" mixtape)

Good morning class. Okay, everyone pull out their black history projects. Who wants to go first? Any volunteers? Chance, you ready? Okay, come on up

My name is Chance Roofeld, and my black history project is on Cydel Young, also known as Cyhi the Prynce. He was born in 1984 and raised in Stone Mountain, Georgia...

Intro (Black Hystori) lyrics - Cyhi The Prynce

[Intro - CyHi:]
This is black history, so I dropped this shit in February
I had to do it, man I swear this shits so necessary
I'm like and old piece of French cheese
Nigga' I'm so legendary

I used to play the corner like the secondary
But somewhere deep beneath my mind, there was a treasure buried
Instead of rapping about them pistols that you never carried
Tell them how them folks'll hide your ass to Nevuary

Our Daddy's in the chain gain so it's hereditary
Your momma still single and she never married
First you started selling Mary now you're selling Carrie
Underwood from your hood, now you just somebody celly

This is death of the trap
If you sleeping on me go enjoy the rest of your nap
I'm tired of hearing fake niggas and they regular raps
They right, I guess there ain't no real leaders left on the map