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mixtape: "Ivy League: Kick Back" (2013)

Kick Back Music (Intro) lyrics - Cyhi The Prynce (feat. Canji Taylor)

They might get you hot
They might get you drunk
Talkin slick to me nigga that might get you jump
If you owe us money, that might get you trump
Baby if you saw some dick that might get you pumped
That might get you stand a couple nights of beg and trump
If you don't like me smoke a skunk, that might get you dumb
I'm all about the bread, bagels and croissants
Shit I might just go to Turks and Caicos for a month
I'm screaming Jim pass a deal, key some can for sale
Make a grand in the flash what the hell is melly mel
Rappers hear my flow and jack it like pelly pel
All my bitches wash her nails, and her pussy barely smell
How you doin? very well, screwing every gal
I damn near see, my life is a fairytale
Got niggas in every jail, hand caught to make a state
Don't make me take a date to my place and make a lake
Ok you gon' need some weed,
You gon' need some swishers
You gon' need some rubbers
And you gon' need some liquor
You gon' need some bad bitches I prefer some strippers
3 of them is friends, 2 of them is sisters
Then you play 'em some of this, kick back music
Then you play 'em some of this, kick back music
Then you play 'em some of this, kick back music

Interlude (Track 2) lyrics - Cyhi The Prynce

Yo dude
-Wassup man
Hey, how's it goin man?
-It's good
You new here?
Oh, right on man, welcome to Princeton man, welcome to Princeton man
-I appreciate it man
Right on, right on
-I appreciate it, I appreciate it
You know where to get some weed?
-Uhhmm, naah, no

Mary Jane lyrics - Cyhi The Prynce (feat. Smoke DZA)

[Verse 1:]
She was the best hoe I ever had
She bought me everything, I can't help but brag
My partner asked me can he hit her so I let him smash
Now everytime he ask to hit her I say what a cash
She a hoe but I love her like my bottom bitch
She even help me get the money, I bought my money collar with
She did alot of shit, put rims on my old school
She knew we like to rap, she went and bought us pro 2's
She was born in Arizona, her mama and dad was spanish
So they named her Marijuana
Got some family down in Mexico but they ain't never want her
They disowned her, now she sellin stuff on every corner
Prostitution was a top solution
So if you gettin blown by thanks for the contribution
'Cause Mary Jane bought me everything
If I had to wife a chick I think I would marry Jane
First girl I ever fell in love with was (Mary Jane)

I bought my first set of dubbs, guess who gave me money (Mary Jane)
You see this chain around my neck you know who got it for me (Mary Jane)
I wouldn't be the man that I am if it wasn't for (Mary Jane)

[Verse 2:]
Ok when we first met we were green to some things
As a teen I never knew how much green she would bring
Couple years went by and she dyed her head red
Every hood nigga wanna be seen with my queen
But I rode that bitch down and made her into a dime
Put her in a car and set her next to a 9
She knew if I get caught I'd probably go do some time
But niggas rather do her before they go do a line
I made a cake in a day, felt like I won the lottery
'Cause in the streets if the A she was such a hot commodity
I'm making money off the pot, that's pottery
I knew a bunch of niggas who wanted to hollar at her obviously
She made her play to pay my bun
I felt like Sean Connery
She wasn't fond of me, she started selling pussy in front of me
But she was running with the trappers, she caught herself shariffa
When she started dating rappers, she changed her name to Keisha
But to me bitch, you still (Mary Jane)

I bought my first set of dubbs, guess who gave me money (Mary Jane)
You see this chain around my neck you know who got it for me (Mary Jane)
I wouldn't be the man that I am if it wasn't for (Mary Jane)

[Verse 3:]
He has risen roll up my breakfast
Whatever's leftover you keep the extras
Put you out if you restless, tell that cheddar bots
Don't blow my Howard that lecture, that Ali to my exit
That joint is anorexic, where's the bud
Motherfuck how you text it, scrubs
Selling that dirt she get caught by the fuss
That blue berry shit is a dud
I wouldn't take it for the love
That type of shit don't even get me high, just kill a buzz
Kush guard, roll up, but no mid here
Daddy get you thrown out the check, mid air
Stoners and husslers only, you can't sit here
Sparked up a blimp, it's about to be a good year
Smell the aroma from the pona nigga
Looking for my phone and I'm on it
Shit I'm stoned, kid.

Favorite Things lyrics - Cyhi The Prynce

Pistols and robbers and strippers from follies,
A few bricks from pappy, Lambos and Rari's
Chevy's and Caddy's and Cutlass Supremes
These are a few of our favorite things

[Verse 1: CyHi Da Prynce]
None of us was accustomed to living rich
Unless you was a hustler, hustling, flipping bricks
Got a quarter pound of mid and took out the switches and sticks
Never claimed to be a saint, so I bagged them bitches in nicks
Come from Christmas, they wasn't giving me shit
I was runnin' the streets, I was physically fit
I swear to God I punch a nigga dead in the tongue
If he say me and my niggas wasn't hittin' them licks
Maintenance man if you ever needed a fix
Cause we needed new clothes and we need new kicks
Plus a old school Chevrolet, deuces on the Escalade
The freshest J's and the stripper ho named Desiree
Franck Muller with the big faced bezel
40 cal and the.38 special
Cause it's some shit in the street that nigga can't settle
Cause we all think on the same level, that why we love

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: CyHi Da Prynce]
When I was young I got locked up for a B and E
Kick ya door off the hinges like it's TNT
Strong arm ya for your shoes call it GNC
Cause I knew it wasn't nothing for me underneath the tree
I been a dreamchaser since a teenager
Blue collar but I'm attracted to green paper
I bought a black strap cause it make me seem safer
Magnum L town, niggas won't hesitate to cremate ya
Y'all out here sellin' chickens like the shit is Harold's
Go to jail and start singin' like the Christmas carol
Got more muscle in the streets than a '96 Camaro
Gunplay done killed more people than the sickle cell, huh
Rest In Peace to my nigga Gerald
The line between life and death is really narrow
What you know about shoot outs at the Waffle House
Every time I'm near my partners this is what they talk about


Nothing Else To Do lyrics - Cyhi The Prynce

[Verse 1:]
You niggaz need to mind your motherfucking business
And I'm talking to whoever felt offended
I said it with a candy cane in my mouth
So these motherfuckers know I meant it
They come driving is vintage
And I'm sitting on inchies
These Atlanta hoes think I'm the bomb
96 so lambix
So they ain't give me no playback
When I was stuck in those trenches
Now they on my twitter page
All over my minches
But I don't pay 'em no attention
Prob 'cause I don't trust them
I fuck 'em good but I don't cuff 'em
I know them hoes but I don't judge them
These rap niggas is wet to me
I think I'm better than most of us
They're two fly niggas in the game
And baby girl I'm both of 'em

[Hook: x2]
So you should know that (I'm getting money)
I'm always on my grind (I'm getting money)
24 hours (I'm getting money)
'Cause there ain't nothing else to do (I'm getting money)

[Verse 2:]
So why you niggas chilling with your feet up
My niggas out in San Frans' and in Rio
And I'm getting money out the country
I ain't talking credit cards when I say I need a VISA
Call me mr. International, state outside and baginals
My bitches Bob 'cause I do the shit that Mac would do
On the cost of a few stacks you want me on the track
But I came a long way for slaving sacks on the avenue
I don't do what them other rappers do
I'm stumped up I gotta get money, type of attitude
Ye I rap it I'm a ex-pimp slash trapper too
I had the grain, my partner had the cane like the cappers do

[Hook: x2]
So you should know that (I'm getting money)
I'm always on my grind (I'm getting money)
24 hours (I'm getting money)
'Cause there ain't nothing else to do (I'm getting money)

Interlude (Track 6) lyrics - Cyhi The Prynce

Bruda, so tell me man, where you from? where you doin' here?
-Uhhmm, I can't tell you that.
I mean I know you're not from around here man, you gotta be from somewhere, you gotta be doing something.
Yo, just tell me where you're from man, stop being such a buzzkill.
-Hey man, I told you all I was gonna tell you man.Stop asking me the same damn questions.

Far Removed lyrics - Cyhi The Prynce

[Verse 1]
Seemed like it was just yesterday
We was stealing cars flipping Escalades
I started selling pounds around eleventh grade
It might be off a gram or two cause nigga we don't measure weight
Rule number one: you pull yo gun don't hesitate
But I don't have to shoot no mo' I let my German Shepard spray
My Glock 40 black and my beretta gray
I sold my first split over there by where Coretta stay
I had them quarter pounders, I ain't talking burgers
Mid in the freezer right next to that cart of sherbert
I seen my partner shoot a nigga twice and toss the burner
But I can't say too much I'll fuck around and solve a murder
Yea I'm from the streets, but I don't talk about it
My homies worth a couple mill and that's just off exotics
I rather be caught with this pistol than to be caught without it
I sold enough green to fill the fucking Boston Garden

So don't try me shawty
I ain't that far removed [x3]
A hundred pounds in a week, that ain't that hard to use
I ain't that far removed [x6]
My daddy drove my truck and fucked around and found my tool
I ain't that far removed [x2]

[Verse 2]
I'm the real life Calogero
Bronx Tale but I ain't never told befo'
Like I ain't took them things up the road befo'
Listen cowboy, this ain't my first rodeo
We had so much produce from Cali nigga
You gotta weigh it with the scales in the grocery sto'
Yeen gettin' no bread if the feds ain't got yo portfolio
Woo! I almost caught the Holy Ghost
You think I'm bullshittin', nigga I'm up here pulpittin'
Looking out for them stool pigeons cause y'all niggas think it's cool snitchin
Shit I know some folks who know some folks
They thought I was a conscious rapper cause I ain't take the dope approach
That's cause I know some folks that tote the toast
That's close to blow that move that Cosa Nostra coke from coast to coast
I just said some shit you wasn't s'posed to know
When you in this deep, you gotta hold ya nose
Even Jehovah know


Start A War lyrics - Cyhi The Prynce

[Hook: x2]
Close enough to start a war, all that I have
Is on the floor
God only knows what we're fighting for
All that I say, will always seem old

[Verse 1:]
Tears on my face, blood on my Lebrons
I'm sitting here with my partner and my holmes
I knew that he could possibly be gone
Cause I said his name and I didn't get a response
We was like brothers, used to hang tight
We used to wear the same clothes, rode the same bike
We even fucked the same hoe, we were the same height
I played sport, he was more into the gang life
He kept a 40 cal, extended clip
He started stealing cars, always had different wheels
Shawty keep it 100, never flipped the script
But I never seen the demons he was dealing with
Shit happened so fast
All I heard was shots and broke glass
I just remember being so mad
But I had to play dead until them niggas drove past


[Verse 2:]
Word on the street he knew this bird named Patrice
He sold a brother a couple pounds of herb and a key
I know where he stay, where he serve, where he be
Swerve, hit the curb, and the blur, he asleep
My partner was a well known finesser
But it hurt my heart to see him pale on a stretcher
Grabbed the chopper, got the shells off the dresser
I'm stressin cause I never felt this type of pressure
My nigga hit him with the dum and brick special
It's only so long before they gonna catch him
Do I admit what my partner did was disrespect
But do I make it bout revenge, either way I feel regretful
So reach on the side, my homeboy Caprice
Riding strapped to the home of Patrice
If we get caught, I know we going up the creek
It's well known in the streets, when it's on, then it's beef
Hard to sleep when you're


[Verse 3:]
The perfect time to do a crime is when the night fall
Before we hit the corner, turn the lights off
Plastic gloves make sure all the burners wiped off
And we killing any witnesses if they might talk
That's when I started second guessin, is this all just a lesson?
I do music for a living shawty this ain't my profession
And all my niggas killers so who am I impressing
I feel like trey in the back of that impala
The closer we get, my decision getting harder
Do I listen to my friends, or do I listen to my father
Cause I know them niggas is gonna be coming back tomorrow
Stop the talking bra


Round The Corner lyrics - Cyhi The Prynce (feat. Trae Tha Truth)

We did it all around the corner, 'round the corner, 'round the corner
We did it all around the corner, 'round the corner, 'round the corner
We did it all around the corner, 'round the corner, 'round the corner
We did it all around the corner, 'round the corner, 'round the corner

[Verse 1: CyHi The Prynce]
That's where I sold my first sack
Where mama's get they purse snatched and niggas get they dirt naps
They merk rats, church slacks, hearse slacks
You either jack or serve packs, standin' on this curb, black
But I was just a sellin' herb cat
Drove some work to Texas, dropped it off and caught the bird back
That's why my nerves bad – 'cause I've been shot at
Bitch, I'm like a pan 'cause I'm always where the pot at
Never sold no yams, but I know some niggas that buy that
Like a marine through Decatur, bet some paper he'll fly back
To Iraq
I'll see a stack off a pound, that's a iRack
I hope you niggas got that
I'm from Atlanta, boy, everybody got gats
Run up in your trap and make everybody lie flat
The same place you supply at, be the same place you die at
A lot of my homies never made it to where I'm at, 'cause

Some niggas sold weed, some niggas sold hard
Some of my folks robbed and we stole cars
We did it all around the corner, 'round the corner, 'round the corner
We did it all around the corner, 'round the corner, 'round the corner
I hit my first blunt, I fucked my first broad
This is where I hit my lick and caught my first charge
We did it all around the corner, 'round the corner, 'round the corner
We did it all around the corner, 'round the corner, 'round the corner

[Verse 2: Trae The Truth]
Same place I got my first stripes at
Murderville, get your whole life jacked
Teach you hot to turn money to a white pack
Hit the penitentiary and come right back
Fuck up and get your whole dope knocked off
Same block fat, head got chopped off
Same niggas that you played with back then
Will fill you up with the bullets from a sawed-off
Se me, I ain't fuck with them niggas
I learned from my brother that got hit with life
Around the same time that my niggas got murdered
The same week I went to a funeral twice
I caught Hell in the worst of ways
I'm in the game makin' perfect plays
The block flood, I'll surf for days
Drought time, it was thirst for days
I'm in the hood in my first pair of Jordan's
Flyer than a plane, you could tell if I was boardin'
Bitches watchin' a nigga like somethin' they recorded
Bricks all in the garage like I was hoardin'
It was murder like 48 Hours
Truth got filleted like 48 salmons
They told me "ain't nothin' like a nigga who's broke"
So I'm tryna get to the money to stack like towers


[Verse 3: CyHi The Prynce]
We was supposed to be playin' football
How'd I end up with all the niggas that cook raw?
'Cause when the hood call, you can't press ignore
Now you got your pistol stashed in your dresser drawer
Prepare for war, shorty, I was never poor
But my mama and my daddy couldn't afford a pair of Jordans
So I went around the corner, got an ounce of marijuana
Had Lithonia in the chokehold, had Stone Mountain in a coma
And we got them pounds if you want 'em
Shop with me, my green is stronger
Back when I had that green Daytona
Or that blue Monte Carlo, had my foot on the throttle
Extended clip in my chopper holds like 200 hollows
Met some dudes from Chicago, Larry Hoover, they follow
They motto is "when you move it, make sure you lookin' for potholes"
And they some real killers, knock the meat out your taco
They did business with Pablo, I'm used to that avocado


Interlude (Track 10) lyrics - Cyhi The Prynce

-Yo man I'm sorry to hear that man
-Aw man it's good man
-Sounds like you had a rough life
-Man it was ok
-But you know what man?
We'll just get some bud and just totally just smoke and chill and just kick back

Kick Back lyrics - Cyhi The Prynce

We at the kick back, we at the kick
We at the kick back, bring a 6 pack
We at the kick back, we at the kick
I got some kush, we got some purp
Who tryina mix that?

[Verse 1:]
My nigga bring some reefer and some bruise
Shawty I just called, on Tamika and her crew
She gon tell Ranisha, Angelika gonn tell Keisha
But don't tell that bitch Molly, awww fuck it
Tell her too
I got some white chicks, flying in from Elishu
If you girl coming tell that bitch she better not tell her dude
She like Prynce that's hela rude, ok, tell her cool
We just need a couple hoes to help prepare the food
Hold up baby, wattup fool, y'all coming through
You never knew man
Ok nigga bring the bottle
And the pretty bitches on your team who love to swallow
You high as hell, we high as heaven
Fly to death, 9/11
Porsche Carrera 97
With the stash box you can't find a weapon
Real talk, I hate the club
Plus I don't feel like buying the section
But soon as I hang out with this broad
I'm a send y'all directions
I told Will to bring some weed, this nigga only bought a 7
Hold on, let me call you back, get my partner Dave


[Verse 2:]
All you hear is kick back in your ear drum
A bunch of girls at the crib playing beer pong
It's a full moon, so she let me see her thong
Chief is strong like it's Cheech and Choong till all of the weed is gone
My partner fin to bring some swishers and some alcohol
Then she get this party poppin like it's aderal
And he only fuck with bitches out of catalogue
Going fashion, brought my kick back always got the baddest broads
Oh let me see, we got soda, we got pizza, we got wings, we got reefers
We got coal, we got sisha, we got an ipod, we got speakers
We got an x box, we got fifa, we got madden, we got 2k
We got punch, we got cool aid, feel like the weekend
But it's only Tuesday
Is it too late, to call them 2 chicks we met at the mall
They both have some big titties but they ass is small
I'm for real, why you laughing, dog
Nigga let me hit you back, I gotta grab this call


We Drink, We Smoke lyrics - Cyhi The Prynce (feat. Big KRIT & Yelawolf)

We drink, we smoke, drink and we smoke
We drink, we smoke, drink and we smoke
We drink, we smoke, drink and we smoke
You can smell it on my breath
You can smell it on my clothes that we
We drink, we smoke, drink and we smoke
We drink, we smoke, drink and we smoke
We drink, we smoke, drink and we smoke
You can smell it on my breath
You can smell it on my clothes

[Verse 1:]
Catch me rolling up some medical
This shit here look like vegetables
I'm on that gas, I call it Texaco
I'm on that Cally not that Mexico
17 in the clip, I got that plexico
Roll a blunt while I'm driving, professional
I'm so high, I think I'm extraterrestrial
Huh, and your bitch is highly accessible, shit
She seen my busting down the swisher sweet, ha
With more chains on that Mr. T
She came here ask me, can she hit the tree
But I notice that she came with a clique of freaks
She say she 24 just enrolled in grad school
I told her roll up, she said I'd be more than glad to
She's on my cashews so I poured her a cup
Then she asked, "can my girls have a glass too?, because"


[Verse 2:]
I'm high up, light up,
And I've been that way since I poured that four
Roll it up and let me smoke that dojo
Even though I don't smoke no more
Grip the wheel while I sway them bows, sky scraping on 24
Reserved the feeling and bring it back some more
Can't feel my head but my eyes are low
Gotta get to cloud nine
I got a couple more miles to go
They hit the weed outside,
I never smelled this loud before
Got a bitch that love to suck and fuck
When she take shots she done head too
With 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 of them thangs
She get hella loud we she dance
Plus my neighbours always complain, cause I'm never sober
Pissing on the curb when I'm over
Could wait but the yard is just closer
And shit, I don't give a fuck and I don't give a damn
They holler at the window, "are you thrown?"
Oh I said, "yes I am!" cause


[Verse 3:]
Mix it up with some hydro chrome
And I'm off to the O zone
For the way, I'm gonna pack no dough
With a sack of old clothes get my bo boat on
Get the fuck out the dodge in my charger
But I don't need no phone, cause I can't call it
But I might need a cab to call home, cause I'm an alcoholic
Lick, lick, lick the stamp and send it
The address is college, 6, 6, 6, 6, with a kiss and the envelope and mail it
Have I been drinking tonight? well can't you smell it?
I drown myself in whiskey like a fish I try to inhale it
Don't need no p90x to get a 6 pack up on my stomach
It's a goal of mine to hit the goal line
But it's a subtle line until I vomit
Make you party like a white boy, wake up and regret it
Then relive it like you didn't do it,
The night before like you never said it
Motherfucker, Yellow Wolf never off his mojo
So you better put down that brandy, like you better off with no logo
Radio's under a tree, that shady good music
Now put your straw with your cup and get fucked up in some just do it
Or just straight off a glass bottle that's how troops do it
Got your bitches bitch on this shit, two scoops of fruit and nuggets
And your hundred proof fluid, soaked in lsd, chew it
Now you want more, minus two of the three Stooges
We drank, we smoke, it's me stupid!


Woah lyrics - Cyhi The Prynce

[Hook: Big Sean]
Drop it to the floor, make that ass shake
Make the ground move, that's an ass-quake
Drop it to the floor, make that ass shake
Make the ground move, that's an ass-quake
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa
Make that ass shake
Drop it to the floor, make that ass shake
Make the ground move, that's an ass-quake

[Verse 1: CyHi The Prynce]
Work, work – make that ass sweat
From my aspect, your ass is your assets
I'll put a thousand on it, I could fuck, that's an ass bet
If you were from Mexico, bitch, you would be an Aztec
I've got her pussy poppin' on the carpet
Bitch, I'm super fresh, I'm straight up out the farmer's market
Put that ass in reverse and come and parallel park it
With your dark-skinned friend, I'll call you Caramel and Chocolate
Put 'em together, that's a Twix
C-K-B, T-I-G, that's the clique
You see this charm around my neck? That's a brick
Have a baby by the prison, you won't have to ask for Wicks

[Hook: Big Sean]

[Verse 2: CyHi The Prynce]
I fucked every stripper, plus the house mom
I had groupies way before I dropped an album
I'm brolic with your ex like Malcolm
But I pull out when I'm finna bust, that's the outcome
So make that ass shake – bitch, my cash straight
But if trickin' was a race, I'd be in last place
Ask my last date, dropped her off on Cascade
She said I ain't a real nigga, but her titties and her ass fake
Pulled off on her, all she seen was "antique" on my 'Lac plate
'Bout to go and holler at my Scottish bitch from Bathgate
Hit the club and ball for thirty minutes, that's a fast break
Girl, I done had a bunch of bad bitches, you can ask 'Ye

[Outro: Big Sean]
Drop it to the floor, make that ass shake
Make the ground move, that's an ass-quake
Drop it to the floor, make that ass shake
Make the ground move, that's an ass-quake
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa
Make that ass shake
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa
Make that ass shake
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa
Make that ass shake
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa
That's an ass-quake

Big Head Bitches lyrics - Cyhi The Prynce

You can get fucked, big head bitches
You can get fucked, big head bitches
You can get fucked, big head bitches
You can get fucked, big head bitches

[Verse 1:]
Yeah that bitch fine and all
But she a headache with Tylenol
I done hung up on some hoes y'all niggas been dying to call
Got a record label full of bitches
Nigga don't make me sign your broad
I told her I'd give her the world
Is she take off her clothes
So I went to office depo and bought that bitch a globe
Girl I wonder where you'll be, when I turn 64
You'll probably still be sellin pussy
And I'll be rich and old
So, you need to change your attitude
Girl my worst bitch is as bad as you
So get on this bed and lay latitude
Come see what this pillow top mattress do
And your pussy better smell like passion fruit
And when you see me in the streets don't be acting rude
Cause I'm a lasting cool, I ride by you like Baton Rouge
But I can't front, shawty that ass is huge
I still jump in that pussy bitch and act a fool


[Verse 2:]
Old boojie ass, big old booty ass
The type of chick that watch a flick
And talk through the movie ass
Old Tuesday ass, ruby Tuesday ass
I would never house the hoe, that's dougie ass
It's tulis ass, we call you the trap
The waitress says what would you like to eat?
She said I'll do the crabs
I play for 70 bucks, we can all do the math
I got 30 dollars left from calling you a cab
So she can't say I ain't keep it 100
Chiefing on chronic, I don't skeet in hoes stomach
I just keep the hoes coming
I got polo on the england, cause I'm meeting a Lauren London
I get red kisses, leave they legs twitching
Cause the curiosity left her with a dead kidney
This song is dedicated to the big head bitches
Cause y'all remind me of my dick head bitches